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What is a Murder Mystery?

Imagine a cross between live theatre and a board game.


You and your friends are the detectives - observing characters, weighing up evidence, solving clues and dod

ging red herrings, to finally figure out Who Dunnit!

Most Murder Mysteries have a theme - The Jazz Age, 1950s Hollywood Glamour, Agatha Christie, NCIS etc. (see our Gallery for some examples) - and you and your friends are encouraged to dress up and really get into the spirit of the theme or period. You can be yourself, or invent a name and pretend to be someone else - it is entirely up to is all about fun! Depending on the theme, most Murder Mysteries are suitable for everyone above 8 years old.

Our Hosts and Character Actors will guide to through the evening - allow you to experience the plot developing, direct you towards important clues and help you come to a final deduction. You will have the opportunity to question suspects and re-examine evidence as the evening progresses.

Dreamstone Productions

In a Dreamstone Murder Mystery you will have fun,  be entertained, mystified, occasionally bamboozled, and have the opportunity to put on your thinking caps and employ your problem-solving skills whilst experiencing our unique craft of story-telling, classical acting, improvisation, comedy, and even the odd murder!

Whether you are a hotel, pub or other professional establishment - or whether you are looking for something for a private party extra special, get in touch with us!


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